Elliott wave

It is one of the technical analysis about investment and speculation such as stock investment and Forex trading.
It’s a relatively famous theory, so I’m sure many of you know it.
I think Elliott wave is one of the useful methods to grasp the big flow and direction, but it is not a theory of everything, of course.
Obviously, there is no theory of everything in the world of operations, and if anyone gets it, they will be the richest in the world in the not too distant future. You will be able to. (smile)
Joke aside, there are times when any theory or method works or not, and if it works, is it likely that we will move in this direction in the future? It is one of the tools for making multiple hypotheses, such as “What kind of hypothesis can be considered?” I think it’s good.
If you are familiar with it, you may find interesting discoveries by applying it to various investment targets such as the movement of the Nikkei average, the movement of the dollar / yen, the movement of gold prices and the movement of individual stocks. ..
This work is a personal activity of the person who hypotheses and verifies, so to put it in the extreme, any interpretation can be made, and the accuracy of the interpretation will make a big difference.
However, I think that more accurate understanding and insight can be obtained by repeating the process of such hypothesis and verification.
In that sense, it may be similar to sports.
Speaking of sports, the “bj league / Tokyo Sun Reeves” that we support is also working hard every day to reach higher levels.
Even if each person’s power is small, we believe that “Tokyo Sun Reeves” can make a big leap with everyone’s power if everyone has the feeling of cheering even a little.

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