The Importance of Financial Workers’ Ethics

When Livedoor was crowded with Japanese broadcasting stocks before, Yoshitaka Kitao of the current SBI Holdings said, “The world of finance is also a world where you can do bad things if you try to do it. I think you said that “the person who has a high sense of professional ethics who can do it is a true professional.” If you say so, the world of Japanese finance may not have been abandoned !! ”I remembered feeling bitterly.
To be honest, it’s not the old Kabutocho (I don’t know what it is now), but in “a world where Chimimōryō and Chimimōryō are ridiculous, and there is no morals or loofah,” decent finance cannot grow up, and I think it’s only natural that the image of the world will be worsened and the understanding of the financial world will not progress at all.
I feel that it’s getting a little better these days, but sometimes I meet people who have a headache, so I don’t comment on anything from my standpoint. It may be better to know that there are more than a certain number of people who can’t get rid of the bad habits of the past.
Even so, I can’t change people, so I think that I should concentrate on my own way of thinking, “Look at someone else and look back at me.” I try to remember “only my heart” when I touch the rotten air.
Some people may feel that “I’m saying something green” when I write something like this, but that’s a fact, so I’m willing to accept it.
I personally think that “it turns red when you meet Zhu” is true, and I try to reduce the number of relationships with people who lack such ethics as much as possible. I think that having more contacts with those who have ethics (true professionals) is one of the concrete measures to keep the fall away, and also a way to grow oneself.
To be honest, I think that the financial world in Japan is far behind the world.
If we really want to create a flow from savings to investment, I think it is important to disseminate correct financial knowledge, but at the same time, I feel that it is also necessary to develop true professionals with a high sense of professional ethics. I am.

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