The 40th “Business World Award”

The other day, on Friday, January 16th, I participated in the “Business World Award” and “Golden Egg Excavation Project 2014” awards ceremony and celebration party.
The winner of the “Business World Award” was Hiroshi Mikitani, the chairman and president of Rakuten, Inc., who is the representative director of the New Economic Federation.
For the first time, I saw my face live, and I was impressed that he had a great aura and was the top of a large, powerful company that had set foot on a ground that would not lose its innovation.
The content of the speech was also excellent, but I would like to leave the details out here.
Speaking of Rakuten, the fact that it went up in a short period of time from the new entry of professional baseball to the victory of the Japan Series made the world aware of its skill.
From the perspective of producing ace, I feel that Iwakuma, Tanaka, Norimoto and other ace players who represent Japan have been produced, and that they are running a wonderful team.
Now, the basketball world is shaking, but if Rakuten decides to manage the unified league problem, even if there are some twists and turns, I wondered if it would create something that was a bit crazy. rice field.
There are still a lot of issues to be solved for the TKbj league and the unified league of NBL to which Tokyo Sun Reeves, which we support, belongs, but Rakuten, which has innovation and the ability to set foot on the ground, is in charge. If you do, you will be convinced that the adjustment of interests and other things will be “if that person says so …”, and it will not be possible to create an innovative unified league while adjusting the overall balance. I’m delusional.
The “Business World Award” is a gathering of powerful people who make such delusions unintentionally, but not only are they impressed with “amazing” with their fingers, but we also continue to move forward without flinch. I am very grateful to you for reminding me that I should do my best to be added to the last seat in the not too distant future.

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