Setsubun ceiling equinoctial week?

There is a quote saying “Setsubun ceiling equinoctial week”, but it is a famous quote as one of the anomalies.
It can be considered that it is a level that can be sold even if it is sold from the viewpoint of NN magnification etc., and I feel that I do not hear much bullish voice, but at such times the market may come up unexpectedly, so it is clear It may break out.
Of course, no one knows this, but (^ _ ^;)
I think this kind of confusing situation is common, but it’s not a reliance on whether it goes up or down, but how can we increase the total return? I think one way is to determine the total amount of positions from this perspective.
It’s only been a month since the new year, but no matter how the market moves at the end of this year, if we can finish with a positive total, and how can we do that? I think it may be a good idea to calculate backwards and manage funds with specific and clear goals.

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