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In the preface of Smiles’ self-help theory, there is a famous saying “Heaven helps those who help themselves.” I am thinking.
In Japan, “do your best to wait for your destiny” may be a similar saying.
I don’t think the effort will always pay off, but I think it’s true that the good story of insects that they only get the fruit without effort isn’t rolling anywhere.
I don’t really like psychic theory, but I often feel that “the absolute amount of effort is too small? Are you thinking about it in the first place?” I laugh bitterly, but I don’t think I’ve taken it off so much.
It is said to be a disparity society, but I feel that the disparity in the essential part of human beings is invisible and is steadily increasing more than the disparity in assets and social status. increase.
Young people are said to be a mirror of the future, but I feel that the gap between them is clearly and steadily widening in an invisible way.
I think it is important to set aside the good and bad, accept it as such, and then adapt.

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