Win on Peter Lynch’s Stocks-Get Out of the Pro with Ama’s Wisdom

There are a lot of books on investment and speculation, and I honestly feel that it is a mixture of boulders, but I think that “Winning with Peter Lynch’s stock-getting out of the pros with the wisdom of amateurs” is a very good book. increase.
It’s not a list of difficult jargon, and if you’re interested in investing in stocks, it’s not that you couldn’t read it.
Due to the uniqueness of the author, there are places that make me laugh (Lynch’s law, etc.), but since it is written with an emphasis on comprehensibility in plain sentences, those who read it as if they are drawn in. I think there are also.
I have to thank the translator as well as the author Peter Lynch.
Perhaps the original book was a good book, but there are many cases where the translation is disappointing.
I will not write about the contents of the book here, but if you are thinking about asset formation in the medium to long term by investing in stocks, it is a good book to read.
Fortunately, the market environment for Japanese stocks continues to be very good, partly due to the benefits of Abenomics, and the rising market for Japanese stocks is only two years old, so I think there is still a lot of fun in finding treasure stocks.
Some people may say, “I’m scared to buy from here,” but if you manage the distribution of stocks and time, you can level the risks, and there are ways that suit your personality and attributes. I think that it can be handled with.

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