Fifty years of human beings, if you dive in the lower heavens, it will be like a dream. Should there be someone who cannot be destroyed once?

I sometimes feel that this is also an era, such as the herbivorous generation and the Satori generation, but when I say that I am aware of the big care, I sometimes wonder, “Is it interesting to live like that?”
If I was born and had only breathed the bad air of the economy, I feel that it can’t be helped, but on the other hand, I sometimes wondered, “Are you lying to yourself?” To do.
If not, I don’t think I can hear any complaints about “intergenerational disparities.”
Actually, each person has different desires, such as wanting a lot of money, enjoying leisure, having a lot of good women, traveling and studying abroad, but there are many things that I want to do and things that I want to fulfill … but half. I feel that there are many people who have given up, and I think that it is not wrong in general.
It’s very simple, but you can’t really get what you want without taking any risks.
If you just think in your head and don’t act, no matter how good your thoughts are, you won’t get what you want.
Similarly, I feel that there is a big misunderstanding in the world of investment and speculation.
It seems that those who are successful in the world have the image of having a ridiculous brain, but I can say that it is a mistake.
Except for some geniuses, I think that it is enough to have enough intelligence to be able to perform four arithmetic operations and read books in order to succeed in investment and speculation.
More important than that is “try it first”.
It’s not as sweet as it works from the beginning, but if you don’t neglect the three points of diligence (learning risk management, theory and technology), enthusiasm (this is the price that stands out), and sincerity (absolutely observing the rules). I don’t think it’s going to be terrible, and even if it doesn’t work in the world, the experience will surely be a great asset in the future.
A great teacher I admire describes the current Japanese society as a “low-desire society,” and says that this breakthrough will promote Japan’s true economic recovery, but I feel that it is exactly the case. ..
Fortunately, Abenomics is doing well, and I think that the trend will continue for a long time if reforms proceed steadily, albeit slowly.
In the company’s quarterly newsletter, which was released the other day, many good words such as “consecutive highest profit” can be seen, and as long as the business performance that has set foot on the ground (profitable) continues, Japanese stocks will be expensive. The feeling should not be noticed.
(If you look at the PER, you can see whether it is cheap or expensive. The higher the profit per share, the lower the PER.)
Even though we are in a transitional period of transition to an era of virtuous economic circles, the deflationary mindset that has been declining to the right is disappearing, and I think it is safe to assume that there was such an era.
If so, I feel that the formation of a society where risks can be easily taken is very important, and I feel that the realization of a “society where the repechage is possible” will lead to the breakthrough of a low-desire society.
It’s human nature to be reluctant to lose everything if you make a mistake, and I feel it’s terrible to blame this.
However, even on an individual basis, it is important not only to be pampered by the government, but to make sure to move forward even from a small step.
“Remember that you will die someday. The best way to realize that you have nothing to lose. There is no reason to live without following your heart.”
The words of the late Steve Jobs.
I put myself on the shelf and wrote about what I liked, but I hope that I can move forward to a bright, energetic and booming Japan.

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