Spring of wage increase

As mentioned in today’s Nikkei newspaper, it seems that the long-term care industry is also moving to raise wages in order to deal with a serious labor shortage.
In addition, major companies with excellent business performance have been reported to have seen a significant increase in bears, as they did last year, and are on the road to a solid economic recovery.
It seems that the wages of not only regular employees but also contract employees, temporary employees, and part-time employees are increasing, and it seems that a virtuous cycle is gradually progressing.
Increasing income is indispensable for recovering personal consumption, which is said to account for more than 60% of GDP.
For those who do not invest in stocks or investment trusts, such growth in salary income and expectations and security for the future are the best medicines to loosen the purse string, so they are full of expectations and security for the future. If the bright mood gets stronger, I think that the recovery of personal consumption will show steady growth even if it is moderate.
If this trend spreads throughout Japan, and if we can make it more certain that corporate performance is booming and that wages for employees will increase accordingly, I think that concerns about bubbles will end in mourning. ..
I’m not Peter Lynch, but when I think about earnings in terms of “earnings, earnings, and earnings”, the price-earnings ratio (PER) becomes lower as the earnings go up, and in that case, the stock price does not feel overpriced, and it is assumed that it is due to external factors. When stock prices fall, it should be a great opportunity for bargain hunts, not a plunge.
We believe that if wage increases create a bright and secure environment, personal consumption will recover, which in turn will lead to a virtuous cycle of improving corporate performance.
I think everyone does, but I’m glad that the salary goes up with the wage increase.
I sincerely hope that you will move on to a brighter Japan with a better economy.

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