If you are ordered to take a lower foot, try to become the best lower foot in Japan. Then no one will leave you in the footsteps.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who was promoted from the son of a mizunomi-bye to Taiko, is also the person who made the greatest success in Japan by doing his best to do the work in front of him.
In the case of Hideyoshi, it was until then that the natural things were big, but if you were ordered to take sandals, you would put the sandals in your pocket and warm them up for a long time and wait. I think it’s clear that if you’re doing your best, no one will stay in that position.
Speaking of which, I think the phrase “I’m just not serious yet” was done for a while, but most of those people are probably still not serious.
Similarly, Mr. Ichizo Kobayashi said, “A person who can’t do anything because he doesn’t have money is a person who can’t do anything even if he has money.”
It’s fun to talk to those constructive and positive people who think about how they can do it, not why they can’t do it.
Forcibly positive will make you tired, but I would like to continue to do my best with those people who are naturally absorbed in their favorite work and have fun while achieving results.

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