Everyone from Tokyo Sun Reeves visited our company

Yesterday, May 26th (Tuesday), Inoue, Ide, Kanai and the front desk members of Tokyo Sun Reeves visited us.
I came to report the end of the season and had a meeting with everyone at the front desk.
It was a disappointing result this season, but I think that there was no sense of discomfort even if the team advanced to the playoffs in terms of ability, and it is a big issue that there were 15 games that lost by a small margin. I think it is.
The big challenge is that you don’t know how to win.
It is up to that point if it is said that it is out of ability (^ _ ^;)
The basketball world is swaying now, and I am paying close attention to it.
Just as the soccer world has made a big leap after the success of the J-League, I feel that the basketball world is at a major turning point.
If I should fail here, I think it will be impossible to see bright signs in the basketball world for at least the next 10 years, and I hope that the reform will be successful even if it is not.
The players are cheerful and sincere in dealing with basketball, and they are all wonderful young people.
It’s a professional world, so the harshness is always back-to-back, but it seems that I’m enjoying such an environment, and I’m very reliable.
Players and front desk members have also started for next season.
E-Partners Co., Ltd. will continue to support Tokyo Sun Reeves.

Tokyo Sun Reves Official HP: http://tokyo-cinqreves.jp/

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