Reform, reform, and reform

Currently, there seems to be controversy in the Diet about security-related bills.
I don’t know how difficult it is because it’s not my specialty, but I strongly hope that the national interest will be the first choice.
By the way, the stock market is booming, with an increase for 11 consecutive business days for the first time in 27 years.
The next milestone is said to be the 2000 high of 20,833 yen, and the former deflation, yen appreciation, and stock depreciation seem to be a lie.
It is safe to say that this is the result of Abenomics.
I am very grateful.
In a shrinking economy with deflationary stock prices, it’s hard to feel psychologically cheerful.
It is the wish of the common people to make this good flow continuous and stable, and for that purpose, I think it is important to further promote structural reforms.
Whenever reforms are carried out, there is always a movement to maintain the status quo, and this brings stability, but now it is not a normal time like the high-growth period, so reforms are absolutely essential. I think it is.
If reforms are blocked at this time when Abenomics is going well, I feel that Japan may have chosen a slow suicide, and I feel a strong sense of crisis about that. ..
By the time of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I hope that the Nikkei Stock Average will reach a record high in history, and that achievement is the true revival of Japan. I feel that it is time to be able to do it.
I think the fight against homeostasis is a very difficult business, but I hope that it will be accomplished in any form.
We sincerely hope for the further success of Abenomics.

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