From Savings to Investment-Is Investment Culture Rooted in Japan?

I feel that the investment culture is gradually taking root in Japan, such as the spread of NISA and the increase in the balance of investment trusts.
I think that these are largely due to the benefits of Abenomics, but I think that making investment more accessible will greatly contribute to the Japanese economy, and I feel that it is very good.
There is also a movement to develop Tokyo into an international financial center that represents Asia, and I feel that the establishment and maturity of investment culture will be one of the indispensable requirements for its realization.
At present, it is undeniable that Japan’s financial position in Asia is being pushed by Hong Kong and Singapore.
When I go to Hong Kong or Singapore, I often talk to Akkerakan about stocks, bonds, funds, etc., and I often feel that they are very different from Japan.
Even if the difference in national character is subtracted, there will be a big difference in the degree of understanding of investment.
It is often said that “taking no risk is the greatest risk”, but in Japan there is a strong sense that “money earned by sweating on the forehead is precious”, which is a great value. I think it’s a view, but I think it’s different from the lack of understanding of investment.
There are many people in the world who are like simple millionaires like Warren Buffett, the wise man of Omaha, but their words often say philosophical and essential things at one time. I personally feel that these words and ideas have universal wonders that go beyond investment.
I think that if the investment culture takes root in Japan, albeit gradually, and it becomes commonplace to continue unchanged in good times and bad times, it will have a positive impact on the Japanese economy as well as on the improvement of financial literacy. increase.

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