Foreign tourists from January to June reach a record high of 9.14 million

Yesterday Sunday morning, on my way home after having breakfast at a coffee shop in front of the station, I stopped by a convenience store in my neighborhood.
It’s a convenience store that I often go to, but it seems that the cashier looks different than usual.
I was lining up at the cash register with what I wanted to buy without worrying about it, but it seems that a foreign man is in trouble while holding down his throat while saying “Hospital”. did.
The cashier said in Japanese, “It’s Sunday, so I’m not doing anything today,” and a nearby female customer seemed to be trying hard to find a hospital on her smartphone.
When I asked, “What’s wrong?”, He said that foreigners were sick and wanted to go to the hospital. Since it was Sunday, the hospital was closed, but he was looking for a hospital that would accept an emergency. did.
I also tried to say a few words to that person, but I couldn’t understand English well, so I said, “I’ll go to a general hospital in the neighborhood because I’m free. 5 Minute. Let`s go hospital.” I urged him to go outside and decided to take him to the general hospital in front of the station.
On the way, I thought I’d enjoy the conversation because it was a good time, but I didn’t understand at all when it was a difficult story, but it seemed that the word “When you arrive at the hospital, do an overreaction” was understood.
When I arrived at the general hospital in front of the station and pressed the emergency intercom, a receptionist appeared.
The person said in a troubled manner, “No, what about insurance? Foreigners are accepted by the XX hospital.” So I came here. Please do something about it. “At the end, I said” Don`t worry. No problem. Enjoy Japan! “And waved” Bye ~ “to the foreigners. Did.
He was a quiet person, but he said “Bye ~” with a shy smile and waved his hand, so it made me feel warm and comfortable from the morning.
When I was in trouble when I went abroad, I was often helped by the kindness of the local people, so I was very happy to be able to do the same thing, albeit a little.
There are certainly language barriers, but foreigners are the same people, so simple communication is unexpectedly manageable.
When I was in trouble, I thought that I would cherish the edge of the prosperity even though I touched each other and sleeves.

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