To prevent “inheritance” from becoming “conflict”

You may have a strong impression that the inheritance dispute is a problem for wealthy people.
However, in actual cases, there are many cases in which households with single-family homes in the city center and general households who say, “We don’t have that much assets, are okay” are more likely to be in conflict than wealthy people. that’s right.
In the case of wealthy people, it seems that the major factor is that there are many cases in which measures are taken to prevent family members from rubbing each other before they are alive.
Recently, I have had many opportunities to talk to experts who have been working for 20 years, but the most impressive one was the voice saying “I didn’t know where to consult.” It was that there were many.
I thought I would hit my knee, thinking that was exactly the case.
Trust banks have an image that the threshold seems to be high, and I think that it is the feeling of ordinary households that even if something goes, it will only be embarrassing.
The inheritance procedure itself begins after the person concerned has passed away, but in reality it seems better to think that the inheritance has started before the death.
What should I do if I distribute the property early and then become in need of nursing care? How to utilize advancement and tax exemption quotas? What should I do if real estate occupies most of my assets? There seem to be various cases.
I think it’s human nature to be reluctant to talk about inheritance to real parents.
However, in the case of most disputes, it is also true that there are many cases in which “even a will will be made well before life …”.
It’s best to have them live well and long, but it’s true that parents want their children to avoid fighting after their death.
I think there are many people who are about to enter the Obon holidays.
I think it may be a good way to avoid conflicts and maintain a good relationship by having an open discussion with the whole family and borrowing the wisdom of experts.

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