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With the mandatory stress check being enforced from December of this year, there are more opportunities to be exposed to stress and pressure in daily life, and we are entering an era where prevention and countermeasures for mental and physical disorders are required.
To be honest, everyone, regardless of age or sex, wants to spend their days cheerfully and cheerfully, but there may be many people who do not like that due to anxiety about the future and ongoing stress and pressure. ..
It’s been a long time since the term “100 million total depression” came out, but in the coming era, it may be important for each person to find their own way to deal with stress and pressure.

Also, if you are a man who is in the prime of work and feels indefinite complaints, I think it is good to suspect LOH syndrome. LOH syndrome, also called menopause in men, is caused by a decrease in testosterone, one of the male hormones. It seems that aging and daily stress can cause a decrease in testosterone.

An easy remedy is
・ Moderate exercise (Walking for 20 minutes or more three days a week seems to be effective)
・ A well-balanced diet (If you have LOH syndrome, you should actively eat foods that are rich in zinc and protein that enhance testosterone. On the contrary, it seems that you should reduce carbohydrates and sugars.)
・ Good sleep (It is often said that “sleeping children grow up”, and good sleep promotes the secretion of growth hormone)
・ Bath in the morning sun (there are merits such as adjusting the body clock and secreting serotonin to bring about a healing effect).
And so on.

These are all the things that have been said for a long time, but it may be the most important thing to cherish the things that are commonplace.
It’s because you’re healthy that you can think “I feel better, more motivated and more active” and “I feel calm and enjoy my work and private life every day”.
I think it is especially important in these times to deal with stress and pressure well and devise ways to spend a bright and fulfilling life.

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