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Yesterday, on Tuesday, September 1, we formed a business alliance with “Setagaya Inheritance Counselor” (Operating company: Ken’s Consulting Service Co., Ltd.).
“Setagaya Inheritance Counselor” is a consultant for inheritance and assets for over 20 years.
Inheritance tax and inheritance measures such as inheritance tax increase (40% reduction of basic deduction) and new will deduction (scheduled to be enforced in 2017-2018) are not limited to some wealthy people.
However, I think it is a field that is not familiar to the general public, such as “I don’t know who to consult with.”
To “refreshing” instead of “continuing”.
In order to further improve customer satisfaction, we have formed a business alliance with “Setagaya Inheritance Counselor”.
I would like to do my best so that I can continue the relationship of Mikata Yoshi for a long time.

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