Beware of “rainy season Bate”

It’s June.
Half of this year is about to pass at the earliest, but the difficult season is approaching this year as well.
Every year, Kanto has a rainy season around June 10th, but the forecast for a rainy season announced by the Japan Meteorological Association on May 30th.
According to the report, this year’s rainy season is “later than normal” from Kyushu to Kanto.
Hokuriku and Tohoku are said to be “almost normal”.
Where is the rainy season with heavy rains? In recent years, heavy rains of disaster level have become commonplace in various parts of Japan.

By the way, when it comes to rainy season, some people feel somehow upset.
Somehow dull, headache, heavy neck and shoulders, unmotivated … those upsets,
It may be called “rainy season bate”.

One of the causes of this rainy season is “disturbance of autonomic nerves”.
Also, during the rainy season, the temperature and humidity rise sharply, so the body cannot keep up with this change.
It is said that it is also one of the causes of the rainy season that it cannot be adjusted well.
Not to mention the basics such as a well-balanced diet, good sleep, and moderate exercise,
“Bath” is an easy way to get rid of your daily fatigue and relax your nerves.
For those who usually only take a shower, this is one of the ways to prevent the rainy season.
Soak in lukewarm water at 38-40 ° C.

Before we reach the full-scale summer, I would like to survive this gloomy time.

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