The rainy season has arrived

This year has also entered the rainy season.
During the warm spring-summer season, when it rains for a long time and it becomes difficult to go out
It seems.

By the way, do you know how to judge “with rainy season”?
It seems that there are standards that are tentatively decided by the meteorological observatory, which is the center of each region.

・ After two or more sunny days
・ Due to the influence of the rainy season front, it rained the day before and today.
・ The weather forecast for the next week is rainy or cloudy

If such weather continues, it is announced that “it seems that it has entered the rainy season.”
It seems that.
However, it is not the “declaration of entering the rainy season” (confirmed) but the “announcement of entering the rainy season” (flash report).
Therefore, we may correct the time of the rainy season later.

On the contrary, what about “the end of the rainy season”?
Based on the guideline that “the rainy season front went north beyond the area”
If the day before and today are sunny and you can predict that there will be five more sunny days in the future.
It seems to announce that “it seems that the rainy season has ended”.

I already miss the end of the rainy season, but I’m worried about the unusually concentrated heavy rains these days.
Disasters may occur again this year due to the effects of rain.
Please be careful of everyone.

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