once in a lifetime! ?? Planetary set

The topic of the universe is always romance and dreams.
Whether you are interested in the celestial show or not, if you are told that you can only see it once in your lifetime,
It will look up at the sky.

Tomorrow from June 17th to June 28th, all the planets of the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Tenno,
It seems that you can see a very rare phenomenon that (Kaiohsei) is lined up in a row.
It seems that the same phenomenon was seen last time in June 947, so none of us living now
You haven’t seen it.
(By the way, 947 is the Heian era in Japan)
It seems that the next time we will leave it until April 2492, so this is the first and last chance.

I am deeply moved to think that the people of the Heian era were also looking at the sky at dawn.
Please look up at the sky while thinking about your eternity.

By Admin|2022-06-16|2022,News Release|

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