Impact of solar flares on the earth

It’s been two weeks since the announcement of the rainy season.
Perhaps it’s the rainy season, the number of unstable days is increasing, and it’s due to torrential rain.
It is around this time that we are worried about sediment-related disasters.
And in the last few days, news about “the impact of solar flares on the earth”
It has been widely featured on TV and the Internet.

“Solar flare” may be an unfamiliar word.
In a nutshell, it is an “explosion phenomenon that occurs on the surface of the sun.”
It is said to be an extreme space weather phenomenon that occurs about once every 100 years.
Various things associated with this solar flare, such as radiation, electrons, protons such as radio waves and X-rays, etc.
Electricized “particles” are emitted.
It is said that the energy at this time has various adverse effects on the earth.

◎ Worst damage caused by solar flare (example)
・ Deterioration of artificial satellites
・ Failure of electronic equipment
・ GPS error
・ Communication failure
・ Large-scale power outage

◎ Past cases (one example)
・ 1859: Spark discharges occur in Europe and the United States, causing frequent fires.
・ 1989: 9-hour large-scale power outage in Canada
・ 2000: Japanese X-ray observation satellite breaks down

Maybe you can see the northern lights in Japan? There seems to be a story, but
The impact on infrastructure is a life-threatening story.
It is a “natural disaster” in the universe that is beyond the reach of human intelligence,
I sincerely pray that it will not cause much damage and will pass by.

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