President’s Inaugural Address

Dear Sirs: I would like to express my sincere congratulations to all of you.

It is OHBA Shigenobu who has recently assumed the office of Representative Director and President.

Our company’s management philosophy is three-pronged: “It is only natural that sellers and buyers are satisfied, and it is only when we can contribute to society that we can
It is a good business” With this philosophy, we have been striving to expand our business of poultry farms in the Philippines, which is the pillar of our company.
We are now in the midst of a turbulent international situation and a rapidly changing global economy.
In addition to the responsibilities given to us, we intend to realize further growth and development of our company.

We will do our utmost to meet your expectations.

Kind regards

  July 1st, 2022
OHBA Shigenobu, President/Director

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