KDDI’s large-scale communication failure

KDDI communication failure occurred in the early morning of July 2.
If you are using au, UQ Mobile, or povo, you may have been surprised that your phone suddenly stopped connecting.
It was only 86 hours after the outbreak that it was “fully restored”,
I can not contact the home care person of the new coronavirus, I can not make an emergency call due to sudden ill health,
Rushing to the fire station had a huge impact on society as a whole.

In recent years, the number of single-person households and other households that do not have landline telephones has increased.
In addition, with the spread of mobile phones, the number of public telephones in the city is drastically decreasing.
In fact, in April 2021, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications issued a policy to reduce the number of public telephones installed from 109,000 to 27,000 units.
It is true that public telephones that used to be everywhere have recently disappeared to the point where you can not find them unless you look for them.
As a result, they have never used a public phone, and even if they try to make a call, they do not know how to make a call.
It is said that nearly 30% of them are in their 10s and 20s.
It is hard to believe that as many as 10% of young people have never even seen a pay phone.

Communication obstacles should not be frequent, but how to use public telephones and grasp the installation location near home, etc.
This is a communication disorder that has taught us the importance of preparing for “what ifs.”

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