Entering the seventh wave? Omicron stock “BA.5”

Recently, the number of new coronavirus infections has started to increase.
On July 13, the number of new infections confirmed nationwide exceeded 90,000 for the first time in five months.
A mutant strain called “BA.5”, which is a type of Omicron strain, seems to be gradually spreading in Japan.
“BA.5” is slightly more infectious than the strain that was mainstream until now, and immunity by vaccine is gradually
It is believed that the weakening is leading to the spread of this infection.
Since we are preparing for three consecutive holidays and summer vacation from now on, we are worried about further expansion if there are more opportunities to go out.

Since the end of the rainy season, the number of people with no mask has increased compared to before, partly due to the sultry heat, insufficient ventilation, and so on.
It feels like.
Ever since the corona disaster began, the number of infected people has decreased and increased, but I would like to tighten my mind once again.

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