Yuzuru Hanyu turned professional

On July 19, figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu (27) held a press conference to announce that he would retire from the front line and turn professional.

Hanyu has won two consecutive Olympic titles and is very popular both in Japan and abroad.
Speaking of Hanyu, he continues to fight with himself in the dynamic technique that comes out of his slim stature.
Stoic spirit.
He is a gorgeous player who attracts the viewer with his overwhelming expressive power.
His emotional moments and charming smile after the performance are also part of his charms.

When I hear the word retirement, there is a loneliness like “the end of an era”.
However, in the press conference, there were many positive words such as “hope” and “challenge”, and it was full of Hanyu’s personality.
When starting something new, anxiety is inevitable, but the attitude of believing in yourself and continuing to challenge is
My head drops.

We wish you all the best in the new stage.

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