Is it really a summer heat? Beware of “PET bottle syndrome”

The summer season has arrived in earnest.
In recent days, abnormally hot temperatures of nearly 40 degrees Celsius have continued in various parts of the country.
After just a few minutes of going outside, sweat flowed like a waterfall, and even the danger of life was in danger.
I think that each heat stroke countermeasure is devised, but for hydration, juice and sports drink etc.
Are you gulping down a sweet drink?
“I get thirsty even if I drink fluids”, “My body feels sluggish”, “I have suddenly lost weight recently”, etc.
The symptom that I think is summer heat may be “plastic bottle syndrome”.

“PET bottle syndrome” refers to the consumption of a large amount of soft drinks (juices, sports drinks, etc.)
It is acute diabetes that occurs in.
The symptoms are mainly thirst, malaise, and sudden weight loss, and many people think, “Maybe it’s summer heat?”
In particular, thirst can lead to high blood sugar → drinking a lot of soft drinks at once→ and thirst…
You will fall into a vicious cycle without realizing it.
Cold soft drinks have a good mouthfeel and tend to drink too much, but soft drinks are substituted for water
You don’t want to get into the habit of drinking on a regular basis.
If you drink, barley tea without sugar or caffeine is recommended to be gentle on the body.

This year, the rainy season ended early, so it is likely to be a tougher summer than usual.
I would like to do my best to manage my physical condition and get through this intense heat in good spirits.

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