Chiba Lotte Marines new coach!

The day before yesterday, on October 18, the Chiba Lotte Marines coach inaugural press conference was held at ZOZO Marine Stadium.
The new coach is Masato Yoshii.
Like former coach Iguchi, new manager Yoshii has major league experience.
During the inaugural press conference, new coach Yoshii said,
“I want to develop him into a player who can play with a focus on winning.
 Our goal is to win the championship, so I want to see the personalities and styles of the players so that we can win.
 I will do my best to contribute to the team’s victory.’
He expressed his enthusiasm for the next season.

Chiba Lotte Marines has a medium-term goal of “Vision 2025″ by 2025.
The goal is to become a Reiwa ever-winning army that both self and others recognize.”
This season, we finished in 5th place, and unfortunately we could not aim for the Japan series and the Japan title.
There was no shortage of topics to talk about, including pitcher Aki Sasaki’s complete game for the first time in 28 years.
I would like to look forward to the newly reborn “New Chiba Lotte Marines” next season.
We look forward to seeing more exciting matches in the future!

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