At a supermarket in Hong Kong

This time we received a photo from Hong Kong, so let’s take a look.
This is a look at the delicatessen corner of a supermarket operated by the Japan company Don Quijote Group in Southeast Asia. Sushi, grilled meat, sashimi and seafood salad platter, a wide variety of bento boxes and side dishes that will be fun to choose. The standard shape of the sweet potato is Hokkaido potato, the Tokyo potato seasoned with honey, and the Osaka potato sprinkled with sesame seeds is the Osaka potato … I didn’t know that (laughs).


In the egg corner, Japan eggs are lined up.

Looking at the price, a pack of 10 that looks a little expensive is HK$58.9 ・・・ Japan yen, which is about 1,120 yen? This is expensive. The “Passion Price” brand eggs are HK$24.9 (about 473 yen), and HK$19 (361 yen) at a discount. Come to think of it, the aforementioned various bento boxes and side dish packs…? It is about 900 to 1,400 yen. One sweet potato costs more than 1,300 yen! It’s expensive after all! I hear that Hong Kong has an order of magnitude richer, but good quality and valuable things can be sold even if they are expensive. It seems that there is no such thing as in today’s Japan society, where people cut down without thinking about the value of things. And for busy business people who can’t even spend time preparing meals, bento boxes and side dish packs are convenient and appreciated, so I know they sell.

It has already been 25 years since Hong Kong was returned to China from British rule. The original promise was to maintain a democratic society for the next 50 years to avoid rapid change, but in recent years, it seems that the restrictions on free speech and the press have tightened. Although we are worried about China’s movements behind the scenes, Hong Kong is still an attractive market with a high degree of freedom in business and good products that sell properly.

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