【Qatar World Cup 2022】Defeat Germany in the first match!

On Sunday 20 November, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 kicked off.
On the fourth day of the Japan, on Wednesday 23 November, they faced Germany, who are the champions of the tournament.
Although Germany conceded one goal with a penalty kick in the 33rd minute of the first half, the substitution of the Japan side paid off.
They scored goals in the 30th and 38th minutes of the second half to win 2-1!
It was the first time for them to beat a country that had won the championship Japan so the whole crowd was filled with joy.
There are voices of surprise and admiration from overseas.

Meanwhile, a photo released by FIFA has become a hot topic.
The photo shows the locker room after the Japan representative left.
On a neatly organized desk, there is a message of “thank you” in Japanese and Arabic and an origami crane
It seems that it was left.
In the past, the sight of Japan supporters picking up trash in the stadium attracted attention.
Voluntary garbage picking is still alive and well in this tournament, and it is said that the “circle of picking up garbage” is expanding among supporters.
The samurai blue bags used for cheering are used as garbage bags after the game.
The thoughtfulness and good manners of Japan people who respect their surroundings touched the hearts of people overseas, and compliments were received from various countries.
It is being sent.

By the way, Group E is said to be the “Death Group” with all the strong players.
The match against Costa Rica is scheduled for 11/27 and the match against Spain is scheduled for 12/1 (12/2 Japan time).
We hope to ride this good momentum and get through the group stage!

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