CSR Activities

In January 2021, we signed a sponsorship agreement with Chiba Lotte Marines.
Chiba Lotte Marines is a professional baseball team.

We are not able to live as usual and we are still in a difficult situation, Sports
bring us a lot of “impression” and “joy”.

We are encouraged by the hearts of the players who will not give up even in
difficult situations.
You will be impressed by the appearance of the players working hard to reach their
heights and the dedication and hard work of each player.

We support Chiba Lotte Marines as a whole company so that not only the development
of sports culture but also “Chiba Lotte Marines” can deliver [smiles], [dreams]
and [hopes] to everyone.

■Chiba Lotte Marines 2020 Team Slogan

This slogan has the following implications:
“Finish the Pacific League in 1st place! Win the playoffs and become the champion
of the Japanese professional baseball team! Exceed the limits!”

>>Chiba Lotte Marines Official Homepage

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