CSR Activities

E. PARTNERS CO., LTD.is an official sponsor of ClubCinqRêves Tokyo Co., Ltd., a basketball team in professional men’s basketball league in Japan. We are also a stable shareholder of ClubCinqRêves Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Tokyo professional basketball club Co., Ltd.)

ClubCinqRêves Tokyo’s 5 Visions

  1. Youth development with dream and future potential
  2. Sports promotion with dream and future potential
  3. Development of local industries with dream and future potential
  4. Enhancement of regional revitalization with dream and future potential
  5. Offer entertainment with dream and future potential

In order to achieve those visions, E. PARTNERS CO., LTD. provide support for ClubCinqRêves Tokyo. Our activities vary from strengthening the team’s presence, enhancing its images, encouraging new visitors to the game of ClubCinqRêves Tokyo. And, we will continue to propel those activities forward as it is recognized that the growth of ClubCinqRêves Tokyo is not only for E. PARTNERS CO., LTD. , but also contributes significantly to the society.

Professional basketball game is so dynamic and compelling that the audience can watch players hand-to-hand. It is such an exciting experience to see their serious game, extreme techniques and spirits of fair play up close. It is not unusual that the game is held at a venue close-by. Please take an opportunity to visit, it would definitely give a satisfactory experience.

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