Inbound Tourism Division

E. PARTNERS CO., LTD. carry out acquisition and development of accommodation for foreign tourist. One of the large issues Japan currently holds is aging population with declining birthrate. It is assuredly pleasing that average life becomes longer and to be able to live so. On the other hand, it is concerned significantly that accelerated pace of decreasing labor population due to lower birthrate will stagnate Japan economy and therefore weaken force to support elderly people. Attracting foreign tourist is aggressively propelled as it is expected to be a supportive solution to help the problem of aging population with declining birthrate. Occupancy rate of hotels in Osaka, Tokyo and local cities currently exceeds 90%.

Also by hosting Tokyo Olympic in 2020, it is expected that more tourists will visit Japan. More accomodations are required so that foreign tourist can stay and sightsee safely and comfortably. We regard it is largely our duty to meet the growing demand. Please contact us freely for more information.


Hostel Tankai is opened on 15th March, 2017. Hostel is a reasonable accommodation which provides a simple hotel amenity with no meals. It is also a place where community space is maintained for tourists all over the world. Hotel Tankai is located within walking-distance of Minami-morimachi station of Osaka Metro Tanimachi-line, a good access to both Kita, and Minami areas and sightseeing spots. Although it is in central area of Osaka, open-air bath can be enjoyed and staffs who can communicate in foreign languages reside in the accommodation.

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