Overseas Division (poultry farming business 1) …Farm 1
The poultry farming business that we started in the fall of 2018 is already profitable, and currently four poultry farms are in operation.
Eggs made with Japanese poultry farming technology have been very well received, and we have received requests from all over the Philippines to purchase them.
We want to deliver high quality eggs to everyone in the Philippines using Japanese technology.
Eggs born from healthy chickens that have been raised with great effort are brought to the daily table in the Philippines. 


Based on this idea, we plan to expand the poultry farm to 10 farms and deliver it to more people.

At the poultry farm, we not only prevent chickens from coming into contact with wild birds, but also prevent pathogens from being brought into the poultry farm. In this way, we thoroughly manage hygiene.

In addition, veterinarians make daily rounds to observe chicken health. In addition, we disinfect facilities and equipment every day to prevent infection.

Daily income is recorded from such safe and secure eggs, and poultry farms are the main business among many businesses conducted by E.Partners.

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