Offer money and 5-yen coin

There are only a few left to leave this …

By Admin|2016-12-26|2016,News Release|

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Takagi and Oki from Tokyo Verdy visited our company.

Tokyo Verdy, a professional soccer team …

By Admin|2016-12-20|2016,News Release|

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The month of December, which is about to…

By Admin|2016-12-09|2016,News Release|

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Earthquake and disaster prevention measures

I was surprised at the earthquake in the…

By Admin|2016-11-24|2016,News Release|

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Basketball popularity and expectations for B.LEAGE

It’s been a half-year professional…

By Admin|2016-10-28|2016,News Release|

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It was mid-October, and it became chilly…

By Admin|2016-10-17|2016,News Release|

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Setouchi Triennale

In the fall of 2016, the autumn edition …

By Admin|2016-09-27|2016,News Release|

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I went to visit Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong for 3 days from Sept…

By Admin|2016-09-12|2016,News Release|

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The arrival of autumn

After the fall, it is time to start feel…

By Admin|2016-08-24|2016,News Release|

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Rio de Janeiro Olympics-Impressive Summer 2016-

The Rio de Janeiro Olympics have begun. …

By Admin|2016-08-08|2016,News Release|

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I went to Manila for a tour

I went to visit the Philippines of ASEAN…

By Admin|2016-07-14|2016,News Release|

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Summer tradition

What do you imagine summer? Many Japanes…

By Admin|2016-07-12|2016,News Release|

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House of Councilors election 2016

The Upper House election 2016 has finall…

By Admin|2016-06-24|2016,News Release|

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“Minazuki” in the rainy season

June is the month of changing clothes, a…

By Admin|2016-06-02|2016,News Release|

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Kumamoto earthquake disaster area support lottery

When I was watching the news on the Inte…

By Admin|2016-05-12|2016,News Release|

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I went to Indonesia for a tour.

Indonesia Jakarta-Surabaya From April 6t…

By Admin|2016-05-06|2016,News Release|

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In 2015, the number of visitors to Japan exceeded 20 million.

In the morning edition of the Nikkei new…

By Admin|2016-04-21|2016,News Release|

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Inbound business inspection

Taking advantage of the consecutive holi…

By Admin|2016-03-24|2016,News Release|

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Oysters that have increased umami with ultraviolet rays

There was an article in the archipelago …

By Admin|2016-02-29|2016,News Release|

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Is it true that you can buy the hardships when you are young?

Recently, I have had many opportunities …

By Admin|2016-02-06|2016,News Release|

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A letter of appreciation was presented by the Japanese Red Cross Society of Tokyo.

A letter of appreciation was presented b…

By Admin|2016-02-04|2016,News Release|

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Is the crash 2017?

A month has passed since the New Year, b…

By Admin|2016-01-30|2016,News Release|

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Yusuke Shimoda of Tokyo Sun Reeves visited the company

The other day, January 13th, Yusuke Shim…

By Admin|2016-01-09|2016,News Release|

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Thank you for your kindn…

By Admin|2016-01-04|2016,News Release|

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