Notice of year-end and New Year holidays

Thank you very much for your continued s…

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December 1st From Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) We welcomed a new president and made a new start.

On December 1, 2023, E-Partners Co., Ltd…

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the philippines and japan “We have entered a golden age.”

On November 4, Prime Minister Fumio Kish…

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Cancer treatment continues to evolve What is the latest situation?

Although it varies depending on the type…

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Can the Shinkansen fare be halved?

Can the Shinkansen fare be halved? Have …

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I looked into the rich Japanese language again.

Autumn has suddenly deepened. Autumn is …

By Admin|2023-10-17|2023,|

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Japan 30 years ago and now In comparison

Life has become more convenient than it …

By Admin|2023-10-11|2023,News Release|

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Rich in color The world of autumn leaves

As October begins, the best time to see …

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The changing seasons and the sounds of insects

The sound of insects reminds us of the c…

By Admin|2023-09-27|2023,|

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Autumn tourist season. What are some useful items that are helpful when driving?

The autumn tourist season is almost here…

By Admin|2023-09-16|2023,|

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Rejuvenating the Aging Brain Blood Factor!

In rejuvenation research, there have bee…

By Admin|2023-09-05|2023,|

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Gaudi’s Dream

Sagrada Familia (Church of the Holy Fami…

By Admin|2023-08-25|2023,News Release|

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The danger of a major flood is coming

I think it’s been about 10 years. …

By Admin|2023-08-18|2023,News Release|

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Insects that bite humans

Speaking of “problems” in th…

By Admin|2023-08-09|2023,News Release|

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Japan and the United States reversed! Still the inflationary frenzy that continues

Just last Sunday, when I got on the bus …

By Admin|2023-08-04|2023,News Release|

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The story of “gift tax” and “inheritance tax”

I’m sure you all know that the tax…

By Admin|2023-07-28|2023,News Release|

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Rechargeable batteries are a source of fire

No matter how hard you try to reduce it,…

By Admin|2023-07-21|2023,News Release|

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What do we do? “My Number Card”

It is reported in the news almost every …

By Admin|2023-07-14|2023,News Release|

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Our advertisement was posted in the Mainichi Shimbun [Chubu Edition] on July 2.

On July 2 (Sun), an advertisement for E.…

By Admin|2023-07-07|2023,News Release|

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Milky Way

July~August is the season when the Milky…

By Admin|2023-06-30|2023,News Release|

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The situation of “lack of sleep” among Japan people

Japan is said to be a “sleep-depri…

By Admin|2023-06-23|2023,News Release|

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How effective is anti-aging?

“Immortality” or “immo…

By Admin|2023-06-16|2023,News Release|

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Vacant house problem, extremely rare

I heard that the number of vacant houses…

By Admin|2023-06-09|2023,News Release|

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When I was a child, I had a nine-pointed…

By Admin|2023-06-02|2023,News Release|

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【Sumo May Venue】Spectator Report

From this month, ePartners Co., Ltd. bec…

By Admin|2023-05-26|2023,News Release|

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The Story of the Planet

Around Christmas last year, the “P…

By Admin|2023-05-19|2023,News Release|

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May Disease of Your Skin

Speaking of “May disease”, i…

By Admin|2023-05-12|2023,News Release|

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Notice of holidays during Golden Week

We would like to express our sincere gra…

By Admin|2023-05-01|2023,News Release|

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Became an official sponsor of the Japan Sumo Association

On May 1, 2023, E. Partners Co., Ltd. si…

By Admin|2023-05-01|2023,News Release|

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The identity of the “Swiss Bank”

In a suspense movie called “The Bo…

By Admin|2023-04-28|2023,News Release|

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“Breakfast” in Japan has become 15% more expensive in three years

An article like this appeared in the Jap…

By Admin|2023-04-20|2023,News Release|

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It seems that even a small amount of alcohol is not good

This is not at all good information for …

By Admin|2023-04-14|2023,News Release|

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The world is changing drastically! ~ChatGPT~

In addition, the terrifying AI (artifici…

By Admin|2023-04-07|2023,News Release|

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Cherry blossoms may not bloom

The cherry blossoms this spring were ear…

By Admin|2023-03-31|2023,News Release|

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【WBC 2023】Samurai Japan won all the titles!!

From the morning of the vernal equinox t…

By Admin|2023-03-24|2023,News Release|

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Japan’s “savings myth” collapses!

More than 40 years ago, there was a time…

By Admin|2023-03-17|2023,News Release|

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The trend is “chicken breeding kit”

There are not enough eggs, and their who…

By Admin|2023-03-10|2023,News Release|

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“Glacial lake failure” causing tsunami inland

Due to the effects of global warming, Ar…

By Admin|2023-03-02|2023,News Release|

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Novel Coronavirus and Vitamin D

Three years have already passed since th…

By Admin|2023-02-24|2023,News Release|

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My Number Card Easy application for medical expense deduction

If your annual medical expenses exceed 1…

By Admin|2023-02-16|2023,News Release|

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You may lose your sight due to looking at your smartphone too much …

The mechanism of seeing things with the …

By Admin|2023-02-10|2023,News Release|

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Hiromasa Ohgikubo visited our office!

On January 31, Mr. Hiromasa Ohgikubo vis…

By Admin|2023-02-03|2023,News Release|

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It’s cold at home in Japan

“The cold puts a tremendous load o…

By Admin|2023-01-27|2023,News Release|

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Chest deposit, jeopardy!

Recently, the exam questions for junior …

By Admin|2023-01-20|2023,News Release|

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Which is sweeter? Citrus Sommelier License

On top of the kotatsu, a basket of manda…

By Admin|2023-01-13|2023,News Release|

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New Year’s Greetings

On the occasion of the new year of Reiwa…

By Admin|2023-01-04|2023,News Release|

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