A boy shining shoes and the subsequent crash

The Shoeshine Boy and the subsequent crash
As the New York market was closed yesterday for President’s Day, Japanese equities today are showing small movements with some exceptions.
If the NY Dow hits a new all-time high and the trend toward new highs becomes clear, we expect this to be a very favorable development for Japanese stocks and currency trends.
However, recent news of individual Japanese stocks that are clearly overheated and collapsing, or the recent news that the quarterly bulletin is sold out and out of stock, etc. are viewed negatively.
It may be a bit blunt to say it this way, but when stock-related books are piled up in bookstores or TV programs feature topics such as “Even a Cat Can Understand Stock Investing,” that is often where the near-term ceiling is reached.
I believe that a weak yen and rising Japanese stock prices are a medium- to long-term trend, and I hope so, but I feel that short-term caution is necessary.
It may be a bad thing to say, but “stock prices rise after the amateurs are exterminated” has been repeated many times in history.
It is easier said than done to say, “Be calm when things are going well,” and “Be bold when everyone is fearful.
What you are looking for in investment may vary depending on your personal attributes, but unless you are a professional, I believe that steady and safe investment is the most reliable way to protect and increase your assets.

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