Notice of year-end and New Year holidays

We would like to express our sincere gra…

By Admin|2022-12-26|2022,News Release|

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New Year’s card

It seems that the number of people who d…

By Admin|2022-12-22|2022,News Release|

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【Chiba Lotte Marines】New player announcement was held

On Wednesday, December 7, the Chiba Lott…

By Admin|2022-12-15|2022,News Release|

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Occasional classics in Ginza

It is a small concert hall in Ginza, Tok…

By Admin|2022-12-09|2022,News Release|

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The world’s population, 8 billion!

According to estimates by the United Nat…

By Admin|2022-12-01|2022,News Release|

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【Qatar World Cup 2022】Defeat Germany in the first match!

On Sunday 20 November, the FIFA World Cu…

By Admin|2022-11-25|2022,News Release|

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At a supermarket in Hong Kong

This time we received a photo from Hong …

By Admin|2022-11-17|2022,News Release|

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The first total lunar and planetary eclipse in 442 years

On November 8, blessed with good weather…

By Admin|2022-11-10|2022,News Release|

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OHGIKUBO Hiromasa 2022 New Year’s Eve RIZIN Opponent Decided!

The mixed martial arts event “RIZI…

By Admin|2022-11-02|2022,News Release|

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Be careful when the seasons change “temperature difference fatigue”

It was cold in the morning and evening. …

By Admin|2022-10-27|2022,News Release|

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Chiba Lotte Marines new coach!

The day before yesterday, on October 18,…

By Admin|2022-10-20|2022,News Release|

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The second feedmill has been completed!

E-Partners Co., Ltd. not only manages po…

By Admin|2022-10-13|2022,News Release|

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Hiromasa Ohgikubo has come to the company!

On Tuesday 4 October, Hiromasa Ohgikubo …

By Admin|2022-10-06|2022,News Release|

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【RIZIN38】Hiromasa Ohgikubo’s match was held!

Sunday, September 25, the last day of th…

By Admin|2022-09-29|2022,News Release|

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Why is the 22nd a “Shortcake Day”?

In general, there are many words to matc…

By Admin|2022-09-22|2022,News Release|

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Construction for the construction of the fourth poultry farm begins!

The poultry farming business in the Phil…

By Admin|2022-09-15|2022,News Release|

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De-smartphone dependence on “digital detox”

Smartphones have now become indispensabl…

By Admin|2022-09-08|2022,News Release|

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September 1st is Disaster Prevention Day

Every year on September 1st, we have Dis…

By Admin|2022-09-01|2022,News Release|

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Our company commercial is being broadcast on Chiba TV!

From April 27, 2021, we are broadcasting…

By Admin|2022-08-25|2022,News Release|

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Recommend cutting off to prepare your mind

In recent years, there has been a tidyin…

By Admin|2022-08-19|2022,News Release|

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What if there are no more mosquitoes in this world?

In summer, outdoor events such as outdoo…

By Admin|2022-08-09|2022,News Release|

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Is it really a summer heat? Beware of “PET bottle syndrome”

The summer season has arrived in earnest…

By Admin|2022-08-04|2022,News Release|

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Asian record: Philippines Obiena wins bronze medal!

The World Athletics Championships are he…

By Admin|2022-07-25|2022,News Release|

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Yuzuru Hanyu turned professional

On July 19, figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu (…

By Admin|2022-07-22|2022,News Release|

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Entering the seventh wave? Omicron stock “BA.5”

Recently, the number of new coronavirus …

By Admin|2022-07-14|2022,News Release|

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KDDI’s large-scale communication failure

KDDI communication failure occurred in t…

By Admin|2022-07-07|2022,News Release|

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President’s Inaugural Address

Dear Sirs: I would like to express my si…

By Admin|2022-07-01|2022,News Release|

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The fastest rainy season in history, the arrival of extreme heat

On June 27th, the beginning of the rainy…

By Admin|2022-07-01|2022,News Release|

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Impact of solar flares on the earth

It’s been two weeks since the anno…

By Admin|2022-06-23|2022,News Release|

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once in a lifetime! ?? Planetary set

The topic of the universe is always roma…

By Admin|2022-06-16|2022,News Release|

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The rainy season has arrived

This year has also entered the rainy sea…

By Admin|2022-06-10|2022,News Release|

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Beware of “rainy season Bate”

It’s June. Half of this year is ab…

By Admin|2022-06-02|2022,News Release|

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Memorial Monument Tour to Leyte and Samar.

E. Partners is currently expanding its p…

By Admin|2022-05-26|2022,News Release|

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Introducing sponsors at Marine Stadium!

I went to watch the game again during Go…

By Admin|2022-05-19|2022,News Release|

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We will expand our egg sales at Philippine shopping malls.

We will expand our egg sales at Philippi…

By Admin|2022-05-19|2022,News Release|

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I don’t want this kind of inflation

For the past two months, 1 US dollar has…

By Admin|2022-05-16|2022,News Release|

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I’ve been watching the Chiba Lotte Marines game!

Chiba Lotte Marines vs Hokkaido Nippon H…

By Admin|2022-05-01|2022,News Release|

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Kou Matsukawa, the driving force behind the complete match

On April 10, pitcher Rouki Sasaki set a …

By Admin|2022-04-28|2022,News Release|

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I will support you again this year! Chiba Lotte Marines!

Well, this year has also started. Regula…

By Admin|2022-04-21|2022,News Release|

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The latest photos of the second chicken farm / feed factory have arrived

Due to the strong sales of eggs, we are …

By Admin|2022-04-14|2022,News Release|

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Pitcher Rouki Sasaki: Congratulations and complete match achieved! !!

Chiba Lotte Marines vs Oryx was held on …

By Admin|2022-04-11|2022,News Release|

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A green cherry blossom that is rare in the world?

The peak of cherry blossoms in full bloo…

By Admin|2022-04-07|2022,News Release|

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A new photo of the second chicken farm / feed factory has arrived.

Due to the strong sales of eggs, we are …

By Admin|2022-03-30|2022,News Release|

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The second chicken farm expansion work is also going well

Due to the strong sales of eggs, we are …

By Admin|2022-03-18|2022,News Release|

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Bean knowledge useful in the event of a disaster

At 23:36 on the 16th (Wednesday), a stro…

By Admin|2022-03-18|2022,News Release|

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Through the Ukrainian War

Every day, news reports show that cities…

By Admin|2022-03-10|2022,News Release|

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Graduation season

Before I knew it, it was March after the…

By Admin|2022-03-03|2022,News Release|

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What exactly is an “Omicron strain”?

As of February 2022, the coronavirus is …

By Admin|2022-02-24|2022,News Release|

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Beijing Olympics 2022

Pyeongchang in 2018, Tokyo in 2020 (2021…

By Admin|2022-02-17|2022,News Release|

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Please be careful about heavy snow

From the weekly weather forecast, there …

By Admin|2022-02-10|2022,News Release|

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New coronavirus / variant “Omicron strain”

A mutated new corona virus that is sprea…

By Admin|2022-02-03|2022,News Release|

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Relationship between the Hinata Nada earthquake and the Nankai Trough

After the large-scale eruption of the To…

By Admin|2022-01-27|2022,News Release|

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Large-scale eruption of the Tonga Islands

At midnight last weekend, I think many p…

By Admin|2022-01-20|2022,News Release|

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Hiromasa Ogikubo Introducing the YouTube channel “Ogi-channel.”

E-Partners Co., Ltd. has named Hiromasa …

By Admin|2022-01-14|2022,News Release|

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RIZIN.33 Champion Hiromasa Ogikubo visited us.

On January 6th, Hiromasa Ogikubo visited…

By Admin|2022-01-06|2022,News Release|

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