Notice of winter holidays

E.Partners Co., Ltd. will be closed in w…

By Admin|2015-12-04|2015,News Release|

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I went to visit Cebu Island

I went to Cebu Island from October 9th t…

By Admin|2015-10-14|2015,News Release|

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Visit to Cebu Island

After this, I will visit Cebu Island, Ph…

By Admin|2015-10-09|2015,News Release|

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Notice of business alliance

Yesterday, on Tuesday, September 1, we f…

By Admin|2015-09-02|2015,News Release|

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Business person stress measures

With the mandatory stress check being en…

By Admin|2015-08-25|2015,News Release|

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Attractiveness of overseas funds

In some ASEAN countries, the fixed depos…

By Admin|2015-08-21|2015,News Release|

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To prevent “inheritance” from becoming “conflict”

You may have a strong impression that th…

By Admin|2015-08-10|2015,News Release|

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Workers are better suited for investment! ??

When it comes to investment, I think man…

By Admin|2015-08-04|2015,News Release|

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Foreign tourists from January to June reach a record high of 9.14 million

Yesterday Sunday morning, on my way home…

By Admin|2015-07-27|2015,News Release|

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Even if you hear the ancient way or sing it, it’s not worth it if you don’t do it

“Don’t talk!” It seems…

By Admin|2015-07-21|2015,News Release|

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Benjamin Graham, father of value investing

When I’m investing and speculating…

By Admin|2015-07-17|2015,News Release|

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The important thing is not to increase the circle of ability, but to strictly define the boundaries of the circle.

If there is a surefire way to ruin in th…

By Admin|2015-07-06|2015,News Release|

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From Savings to Investment-Is Investment Culture Rooted in Japan?

I feel that the investment culture is gr…

By Admin|2015-07-01|2015,News Release|

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Junk information

It is said that humans have not evolved …

By Admin|2015-06-22|2015,News Release|

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Flowering and growth of talent

Recently, I read a book called “Pe…

By Admin|2015-06-17|2015,News Release|

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Red heart and peace blur

Various opinions have been issued in the…

By Admin|2015-06-11|2015,News Release|

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June 5th is Environment Day

Today June 5th is Environment Day. In ou…

By Admin|2015-06-05|2015,News Release|

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Reform, reform, and reform

Currently, there seems to be controversy…

By Admin|2015-05-31|2015,News Release|

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Everyone from Tokyo Sun Reeves visited our company

Yesterday, May 26th (Tuesday), Inoue, Id…

By Admin|2015-05-27|2015,News Release|

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Relaxation and concentration

There will be almost no one who can be f…

By Admin|2015-05-19|2015,News Release|

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I went to Dalian using GW vacation

I went to Dalian using GW vacation. The …

By Admin|2015-05-12|2015,News Release|

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Waiting child problem

It may be a big step forward if we can c…

By Admin|2015-04-26|2015,News Release|

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Number magic

Assuming that there are two funds, if bo…

By Admin|2015-04-22|2015,News Release|

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Will the stock sell in May?

Is it relatively common? The anomaly say…

By Admin|2015-04-12|2015,News Release|

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If you are ordered to take a lower foot, try to become the best lower foot in Japan. Then no one will leave you in the footsteps.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who was promoted fro…

By Admin|2015-04-08|2015,News Release|

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Spring of wage increase

As mentioned in today’s Nikkei new…

By Admin|2015-04-01|2015,News Release|

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Fifty years of human beings, if you dive in the lower heavens, it will be like a dream. Should there be someone who cannot be destroyed once?

I sometimes feel that this is also an er…

By Admin|2015-03-22|2015,News Release|

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People are castles, people are stone walls, people are moats, compassion is an ally, and people are enemies.

Shingen Takeda literally put it into pra…

By Admin|2015-03-15|2015,News Release|

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Our article was published on Tokyo Sun Reeves HP

An article introducing our company was p…

By Admin|2015-03-09|2015,News Release|

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Win on Peter Lynch’s Stocks-Get Out of the Pro with Ama’s Wisdom

There are a lot of books on investment a…

By Admin|2015-03-02|2015,News Release|

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Accumulate immorality

When it comes to accumulating immorality…

By Admin|2015-02-22|2015,News Release|

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Smiles Self Help

In the preface of Smiles’ self-hel…

By Admin|2015-02-16|2015,News Release|

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National debt of 1029 trillion yen as of the end of 2014

It seems that it is calculated that it h…

By Admin|2015-02-12|2015,News Release|

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Setsubun ceiling equinoctial week?

There is a quote saying “Setsubun …

By Admin|2015-02-01|2015,News Release|

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Growing global interest in inequality society

With a total of more than 600 pages, Pik…

By Admin|2015-01-27|2015,News Release|

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The 40th “Business World Award”

The other day, on Friday, January 16th, …

By Admin|2015-01-19|2015,News Release|

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The Importance of Financial Workers’ Ethics

When Livedoor was crowded with Japanese …

By Admin|2015-01-18|2015,News Release|

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Low desire society and wealth transfer

I often hear criticisms of so-called you…

By Admin|2015-01-12|2015,News Release|

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New Year Greetings

happy new year. Thank you for your conti…

By Admin|2015-01-05|2015,News Release|

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