I went to visit Cebu Island

I went to Cebu Island from October 9th to October 12th for 3 nights and 4 days.
This time, I think it was good that I was able to talk about the contents that were much more in-depth than the last time, and that I was able to understand the actual situation in the local area with a sense of skin.
Cebu is still in great shape with a growth rate of over 11%, but development has not progressed yet, and real estate prices are very cheap compared to Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, etc.
I think it is clear that buying a property that is still cheaper and is expected to rise in the future is easier to carry in an advantageous way, considering the risks and returns, than buying real estate that has already risen.
I think that there is some kind of prejudice not only in the Philippines but also in emerging countries, but if modernization progresses and prejudice is reduced and everyone is rushing in, purchasing after it is not very connoisseur is a mistake. It is well known that it is likely to become.
However, as a matter of course, there are many cases where Japanese common sense such as business customs is not understood, and I think it is certain that there is a sense of “Japanese = duck” in the field.
I hear that there are a lot of troubles.
That is why I think it is important to make frequent visits to the local area and make every effort to partner with someone who can be trusted by the local people.
I think Cebu has great appeal, such as the expansion of Cebu Mactan Airport (to three times the current scale) and the development led by AYALA.
It may be difficult, but I will do my best to visit the site as much as possible and deepen my understanding and insight.

Cebu Mactan Airport Expansion Guide Video

A brief report on the Philippines
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The Alcoves at Cebu Park District

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