Introducing sponsors at Marine Stadium!

I went to watch the game again during Golden Week. Chiba Lotte’s home game!
On this day, before the match started, the company names of the sponsoring companies were read aloud and introduced, and at the same time,
The company name was projected on the main vision in the stadium.
Our employees have taken a close-up shot of it, so please have a look!
As the child’s day was near, a carp streamer also appeared in the main vision video.

A few days later, on May 6th, I dashed on my way home from work and rushed to cheer.
The stadium is very busy with the pitching game of pitcher Rouki Sasaki!
This is a signature colored paper by pitcher Sasaki, which was presented to all visitors. It is a commemorative colored paper of the complete game achieved on April 10!
Lean’s stuffed animal I bought together ♡

In addition, the tarp bag of commemorative goods distributed to fan club members had the company name of ePartners put on it, and I am happy when I see a customer holding it among the visitors. And
It’s a little embarrassing, so I feel complicated … (The photo was taken at a later date, an employee of our company).

This is also a towel that the employee bought.

In the match on May 6th, Softbank was the opponent, but pitching of pitcher Sasaki who threw up to 6 times was excellent, and when the 8th inning was over, Chiba Lotte’s 3-1.
Everyone was convinced of Lotte’s victory.
However! !! In the top of the 9th inning, it was a tie! !!
After that, even though he entered the extended game, the batting line was exhausted and he suffered a defeat …
Oh sorry … The four characters of “Beware of the Great Enemy” are in my heart …
At present, Chiba Lotte is having a hard time, but it is still the first half of the game.
Pitcher Rouki Sasaki has just started running, and I would like to expect a comeback from here.

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