Hiromasa Ohgikubo has come to the company!

On Tuesday 4 October, Hiromasa Ohgikubo visited the company.
At the mixed martial arts event “RIZIN 38” held on the 25th of last month, E-Partners Co., Ltd.
As a uniform sponsor, all the employees worked together to support Ohgikubo.
Unfortunately, it was a disappointing result, but we listened to the story about the match with great interest.
In addition, in the question corner for Ohgikubo, each of our employees’ questions was answered carefully.

■Do you have a favorite song you listen to before the game?
I listen to ZARD’s “Don’t Lose” because it’s perfect before the game.

■(Looking at the Instagram post) I heard that you bought a car. Why did you choose Volvo?
I thought it was the coolest, and the fact that it was sturdy and had a reputation for safety was also decisive.

When you are in the so-called “zone”, does the opponent’s movement appear slow?
It doesn’t look slow, but when you’re in the zone you can only see your opponent.
At that time, you can see all the movements of the opponent.
When you’re not in the zone, you can see things around you, such as the audience.

■Is there anything that makes your wife think, “Wow!”
The fact that she always supports me has given me strength, and I feel that I will do my best for my wife.
(At the end of November, my wife and I will have a long-awaited child!)
He always writes to me before the game.
(In this day and age, there are also useful things such as e-mail), but paper letters are completely different after all.

■ This time we got such a result, but is there the best point to recover?
how do you think as a champion?

There are some things that need to be fixed during the match, so I think we have to look at ourselves and not repeat the same thing in the next match.
Don’t give up and stand up again!

He has a very friendly and friendly personality, and thank you very much for allowing me to ask various questions.
After the question corner, we took a commemorative photo and received an autograph.

Mr. Ohgikubo, thank you very much for visiting us despite your busy schedules.
All of our employees will continue to support Ohgikubo in the future.

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