World Happiness Ranking 90th in Japan

In recent years, the Nordic countries have dominated the top ranks, with Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, etc. all ranked high.
On the other hand, Japan seems to go back and forth between the 80th and 90th places.
The Nordic countries are countries where taxes are high, social security costs are high, and the real tax rate exceeds 60%, but this result is strange.
I think that Japan was in the upper ranks as it was until the period of high economic miracle and before the bubble era, but after that, it hasn’t been a hit at all.
By the way, domestic demand remains high at around $ 5 trillion a year, and I think that stimulating domestic demand has little effect other than the mindset, even considering the “Olympic expectations”. I am.
As long as domestic demand remains high, it will be necessary for the country to expand overseas and move away from the real economic isolation, but the old-fashioned way of thinking is deep-rooted and there is a great deal of opposition, so it can be implemented speedily. It doesn’t seem to be.
For example, as you know, “UNIQLO”, as a result of raising the banner of becoming a global company, it was a great match for bashing.
I remember reminding myself of the strength of allergies when books with amazing titles such as “UNIQLO prosper and the country is destroyed” are piled up in bookstores.
Delicate issues such as TTP and dismissal regulation issues can also be involved, but if you can’t clear this area firmly, it may be difficult to change from the direction of “gradual but surely dying.”
We are paying attention to the circumstances.

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