Companies are people, investment is value

“A company is a person” is said to be the first word spoken by Konosuke Matsushita, the god of management, and “investment is a value” is said to be the word spoken by Warren Buffett, a well-known US investor and wise man of Omaha. increase.
Both words are simple and easy to understand, but it is extremely difficult to understand and execute them without any thought.
If anyone can do it, anyone can become a big entrepreneur and a millionaire, so it is natural to say that …
An ordinary person like us can be arrogant with a small success, depressed with a small mistake, and even if he knows it, his heart shakes like the autumn sky, and he is “good and cold and disappointed”. It doesn’t seem to go. (Such me, of course, seems to be ^ _ ^;)
Occasionally, I thought it would be nice to touch the work of the one who left a great footprint.
Even when I’m on vacation, when I touch these people’s writings, it’s a relaxing time, so it may be good to fall in love with Ston.

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