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Not many people open accounts at overseas banks such as HSBC HK, not because they are worried about Japan’s financial crisis, but because foreign investment seems to be interesting. I’m wondering.
The analogy may be strange, but if you are a car enthusiast, you can buy overseas funds and stocks while you are in Japan, as if you were riding an Italian car (it takes some time and effort, but it is cool). It is now possible to do that.
However, it is also a fact that opening an account requires a certain level of English proficiency, and it takes a lot of time and effort to go to the site.
Also, even if you can successfully open an account, it will be quite difficult until you can use Internet banking to some extent, and it is often confusing that Japanese common sense does not apply.
However, as I get used to it to some extent and become able to use Internet banking, I feel that a world that is irresistible to those who like it is waiting.
Just looking at the various Fact Sheets will pass in a blink of an eye, and when I find something that makes me think, “This may be good !?”, I’m really happy.
It is also necessary to prepare multiple such items and then scrutinize them from there.
Of course, if you ask the person in charge, “Please tell me if there is a Fund that looks good,” you can tell me.
Among them, it would be good to buy the one that suits your taste.
However, it is also true that depending on the person in charge, things may be completely different, or suddenly you may be on vacation for a long time, which makes you laugh.
Also, I think that taking a step forward, KGI Securities and BOOM Securities may be interesting.
BOOM Securities has been acquired by Monex Group, and even if you look at the website, it is listed as “MEMBER OF MONEX GROUP” on the top screen.
I think the Japanese Internet securities in Hong Kong is a part that Japanese people feel at ease.
I think that many people feel that overseas funds are expensive and scary, but there are various types of overseas funds, and most of the purchases at HSBC HK etc. are Mutual Funds (Unit Trusts). I don’t think there is a big problem even if you think of it as an overseas version of a Japanese investment trust.
If you don’t hesitate, you can buy a large, solid fund from around USD2,500-, or it’s not a rich monopoly patent.
In this era, with the spread of the Internet, various kinds of information can be obtained.
I can’t deny the feeling that such information is a mixture of boulders, but it may be interesting to investigate until you are satisfied and try a new world in terms of expanding the possibilities.

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