Triangular holding up?

Both the Nikkei 225 and USD / JPY are showing the appearance of a triangular holding on a daily basis.
It’s a very interesting situation.
Do you cruise obediently?
Will it be raised after it has been shaken off several times?
Or is it Nanchatte? etc.
I honestly don’t know this.
However, even if you do not understand it, if you prepare and prepare multiple simulations, no matter which one you have, you can look back on it later and say, “It is good as a result, even if it does not reach 100 points. I think it’s possible to say, “Is it possible to take action?”
I am excited that it has become an interesting development.
After all, the weaker yen and higher stock prices are better and more enjoyable.
We are enthusiastically supporting Abenomics.

By Admin|2013-11-18|2013,News Release|

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