New Year Greetings

happy new year.
Thank you for your continued patronage this year as well.
The favorable investment environment of the yen’s depreciation and the rise in stock prices continued due to the benefits of Abenomics last year and two years ago, but I think that this trend will continue this year as well.
Of course, there will be some turbulent scenes, but if you respond without losing your composure, after the typhoon has passed, “I couldn’t get a perfect score of 100, but I was able to sow good seeds.” I think that it will be possible.
This was always the case.
Since Abenomics, I feel that Japan is the hottest country in the world, and I am very grateful.
However, one thing to keep in mind is that when you heat up to a situation where “a boy who shines shoes is recommended to invest in stocks”, you need to deal with the fact that you did not get caught up in the heat. it might be.
The words are bad, but when you hear the voices of people who are unfamiliar until now, “I want to start stocks …” or “FX seems to be profitable !!”, it will be big a little later. Price range adjustments often occur, so it may sometimes be necessary to use them as an important economic indicator.
There is no discrimination in the market and opportunities are open to everyone, but there is also the aspect of ruthlessness to everyone.
I think that understanding these aspects and adhering to investment targets and methods that suit your personality and attributes is the best way to protect and grow your assets in a “hurry”.

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