Low desire society and wealth transfer

I often hear criticisms of so-called young people such as herbivorous boys and enlightened generations, but young people are mirrors of the future, so it may be wise to accept and respond to such things. ..
Except for some people, they usually don’t have money at any time, but even so, the generation who believed in a bright future and could spend money without doubt may have been happy. ..
Rather, I feel that it is more serious for people over the age of 65, who are said to own more than 80% of their financial assets after deduction of debt, not to spend money.
It is said that there is nothing more difficult than senior marketing, and it is this generation that can never be grasped as a whole, but I think that the mindset of children and grandchildren is unchanged as it is common to all humankind. I am.
If you write so far, you will have a good idea of ​​what you want to say, but for certain high-priced products (my home, car, entrepreneurial funds, etc.), there are more measures to set a certain limit and exempt gift tax. I feel that it is better to proceed positively.
If you raise tax revenue with inheritance tax / gift tax and raise tax revenue with consumption tax, I think it is sounder from an amateur’s point of view to raise tax revenue with consumption tax.
I think that increasing the tax revenue from the consumption tax means that consumption is increasing and that it has succeeded in stimulating domestic demand.
It seems that various measures have already been taken, but while simplifying it further, the range of targets is further expanded, and for regional revitalization such as “purchasing a home for the purpose of living in a rural area and providing entrepreneurial funds”. I feel that we can arrange various things such as giving more preferential treatment to the entwined parts.
Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore said, “If I am a young Japanese person, I would consider immigrating to another country.” I think that makes sense, but it is more urban than that. After a certain amount of training, I feel that going to a rural area (returning) and starting a business there is also an attractive option.
It seems that it is often the case that when you are in a rural area, the goodness of that region becomes commonplace and you do not notice it.
If you stay there all the time without leaving Japan, it may be similar to not understanding the gratitude and goodness of Japan.
By the way, I read the book “Are you still poor in the city?” Before, but it was very interesting and I remembered that I struck my knee without thinking that there was such a way and way of thinking. I did.
I think there are many options, but I think it would be great if we could get closer to the realization of a healthy, cheerful and healthy society.

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