People are castles, people are stone walls, people are moats, compassion is an ally, and people are enemies.

Shingen Takeda literally put it into practice, thinking that a group of people who can be trusted is comparable to a strong castle.
The Warring States period was also an era in which blood was washed with blood, and there were many tactics and betrayals, so I think it was an era in which it was never easy to believe in people.
It was an era when you could literally be killed if you weren’t good at it.
Even in such an era, Shingen, who believed in and cherished his subordinates and vassals, would have been good at dealing with people compassionately, looking closely at their strengths, and demonstrating them.
Also known as the King of Steel, the inscription on the tomb of Andrew Carnegie, the world’s second-largest millionaire, including the deceased, says:
“Those who know how to get the help of those who are better than themselves sleep here.”
It seems that these words can be interpreted as saying that it is not too important to take good care of people.
It’s not far from a great man like them, but I will continue to do my best by treating people with compassion and kindness and focusing on their strengths.

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