Will the stock sell in May?

Is it relatively common? The anomaly says, “Stocks sell in May.”
It’s an unpleasant word (^ _ ^;)
The Nikkei average has exceeded 20,000 yen for the first time in 15 years, and expectations are rising, so I think the market environment is very good.
However, is the market really an amanojaku? I love to be surprised, so it may be important to be vigilant at such times.
It’s not “if you’re prepared, you’re not worried”, but if you’re vigilant and nothing else, it’s better than that.
It wasn’t the plunge in May of the year before last, but with the backing of fundamentals, the plunge is a great opportunity for a bargain hunt.
At such a turning point, I assumed various simulations in advance, and in any case, “I couldn’t get a perfect score of 100, but it would have been a decent result.” I want to be.
And at the time of December, I would like to do my best so that I can say, “There were various things this year, but it was a good year.”

By Admin|2015-04-12|2015,News Release|

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