Waiting child problem

It may be a big step forward if we can create an environment where all women can have children with peace of mind and their careers will not be interrupted in order to improve the birth rate and achieve a female manager ratio of 30% or more. I don’t think so.
As a matter of fact, I was wondering what I should do to do it, but I thought that it would be possible if the waiting-list child problem was completely solved.
At present, when giving birth to a child in an urban area, it seems that it is too late to look for a nursery center after the child is born, so it seems that you have to look for a nursery school from the stage of entering the stable period.
This seems to be difficult.
In addition, although I was able to take maternity leave safely, if my career is cut off and I am worried about my income after that, or if there is a considerable possibility of that, it is unavoidable to take a second step. I feel like.
If there is an environment where women can continue to work with peace of mind after giving birth, household income will increase significantly, and it may be a great support for those who are hesitant to get married or give birth for financial reasons.
However, I think there is a natural reason why a nursery school is necessary, but it is not progressing even though everyone knows it.
If we can solve this problem and achieve and continue to have zero waiting-list children, we can give all women a great sense of security, and make great strides toward improving the birth rate and achieving a percentage of female managers of 30% or more. I’m wondering if it will be, but how about it?

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