I went to Dalian using GW vacation

I went to Dalian using GW vacation.
The climate is a little chillier than in Tokyo, and the guide said, “It’s about the same as Sendai in Japan,” and I was impressed with the easy-to-understand analogy.
I went to Dalian for the first time, but it had a different taste from big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and I enjoyed the difference.
What I felt most was the difference in people’s power.
There were occasional so-called bad manners, such as walking cigarettes, spitting, and speaking loudly, but on the contrary, I saw it with a positive eye. ..
It’s a custom that doesn’t care about the eyes around you, for better or for worse, but it feels very generous and comfortable.
I think this is the only place where you can tell what you like and dislike (^ _ ^;)
However, I think that there are many people who are just searching for people roughly, and there are many people who feel stuffy in Japan due to the tendency that the pressure of synchronization with the surroundings is widespread as “read the air”. I am.
The word KY (read the air) was popular before, and it seems to be Japanese when it comes to Japan.
I think that it is better to use the air, even if it is read, to ignore it depending on the time and the case, and without it, innovation and free thinking will not come out.
Of course, if someone without any effort or training does it, they will be just an unmanned idiot.
I think that imposing discipline on oneself is absolutely necessary if you want to accomplish something, but it is not forced by others, but whether it is what you are taught or not. I think the point of imposing discipline on myself is an indispensable point.
I wrote that there are many objections and counterarguments, but I feel that in order for Japan to grow more innovatively, it needs a certain amount of forcibleness and sturdiness to ignore the air.
What I felt during this trip is that Chinese people are often criticized for their background, but they have overwhelming strength in terms of primitive sturdiness and vitality.
In Japan today, the model of “roughly wild but not base” may be one of the ideal forms.
In a good sense, “people are people, I am myself”, I think it’s okay to emulate the sturdiness that doesn’t care about the surrounding eyes.

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