Benjamin Graham, father of value investing

When I’m investing and speculating, I feel that many people find it difficult to do things and don’t know what they’re doing.
And I also think that this is the biggest risk of not knowing what you are doing.
When the market is doing well, I don’t think it’s too difficult to make a profit unless everyone makes a big mistake, but the market is inevitable.
At that time, because my stance was not decided, I was upset about selling at a great buying place, and I think that there may be cases such as “I did it again …” later. I am.
I think that many people read Graham’s “Securities Analysis” and “The Intelligent Investor” in classic masterpieces, but I think that there are surprisingly few people who put the theory into practice.
Graham’s theory is not so difficult, and the points are “market value and intrinsic value”, “securing a safe area”, “diversified investment”, and “long-term holding”. There is a method.
In reality, instead of becoming poor, I feel that the style of going to the ground is to “sleep and wait for the fruitful news”, and it seems that it is often rewarded slowly and greatly.
Also, you won’t be worried about market trends and can’t sleep at night.
I think this is a big fruit (laughs)
Three consecutive holidays will start tomorrow, but it might be a good idea to read back Graham’s book to get back to the basics.
I will continue to do what I should do while telling myself, “Don’t forget your first thoughts.”

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