Even if you hear the ancient way or sing it, it’s not worth it if you don’t do it

“Don’t talk!”
It seems that this is a Kagoshima dialect that has been around for a long time, and when I read it in some book by Ryotaro Shiba, I think it was “Gibana!”, But honestly, I’m confident in my memory. There is none.
I think the main idea was “Don’t mess around, don’t quibble.” “Don’t mess up, act first!” “Show yourself a line and an example!”
If you don’t look at the other person and say it in this era, it may be troublesome due to various misunderstandings.
Of course, I think that the usual words and actions of the person who says it and the degree of their true intentions greatly affect it (^ _ ^;)
This may be a word that tests the ability of the person who says it.
I like this word myself, and I think it may be used more in this era.
Of course, I don’t mean to disrespect the discussion, but I like it as a word to emphasize the importance of action (just in case).
Any great idea or suggestion has no meaning unless it is put into action.
Don’t quibble, don’t make excuses, don’t throw irresponsible rounds, I think it’s the same business rule as it used to be.
The important thing in business is to achieve results, and action is essential for that.
And if there are no results, warm conversations and emotions are meaningless.
It’s clear that if you misunderstand teamwork as just a good friend club, you’re going to be a futile group that doesn’t produce anything.
I think it’s natural that everyone wants to work in a peaceful atmosphere with good relationships, but I felt that many people had the wrong priority, so I wrote it.
The primary focus of business is outcomes and contributions.
So if you need a peaceful and warm conversation, you should, and if you need to act ignoring the air, you should.
It’s an era of change, but we shouldn’t call it an outdated principle.
I think that the accumulated experience and wisdom that accompanies action, not just the understanding of the head, is the qualities that are utilized and useful in the field of business.

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